Mechanical Data

Clacton & Frinton Gazette - Mechanical Data


Printed: Web-offset
Column Length: 320mm
Column Width: 27mm
9 columns per page
Page size: 320mm x 259mm

Artwork accepted:
1st choice: via Adfast ( then upload to relevant publication by URN number 
2nd choice: via pre-press e-mail to: - these must be hi-res PDF files and supplied with URN number & advertisers name in ‘subject field’
Also accepted are hi-res (200dpi) Jpegs

Both the Pre-press department & your Sales Executive MUST be informed which 
method you intend to use for sending in your advert electronically.

Contact details for Pre-press pre-flight:
Jim Fairbanks 
Tel: 01268 469300

Column sizes:
1 column - 27mm
2 columns - 56mm
3 columns - 85mm
4 columns - 114mm
5 columns - 143mm
6 columns - 172mm
7 columns - 201mm
8 columns - 230 mm
9 columns - 259 mm

Copy deadline: 1pm Tuesday prior to publication


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